Sometimes, Hosts On The Run can do too good a job of entertaining – so good, in fact, that some people don’t ever want to leave! In this issue, number 4 in our 6-part series entitled, “When Good Guests Go Bad”, we discuss the “Never-Ending Guest”, also known as the guest who just doesn’t know when to leave.
Whenever I think of The Never-Ending Guest, I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode when George leaves Elaine and Jerry stranded at a house in Long Island. They had to wait there until Kramer, who got lost, arrived to take them home. How awkward it was, as they sat in the living room, the host and hostess cleaning up in the kitchen, suggesting it was time for them to call a taxi.

Okay, Jerry and Elaine were reluctant to still be there, but when our guests don’t know when to leave it can be just as awkward. The truth is, not everyone has a sense of when to leave. Although most of us can feel when the party is winding down and it’s time to leave, some others just don’t get it.
There are specific signals you can give when it’s time for your guests to leave. Things such as not re-starting the music, beginning post-party clean up, and discussing the time are all great little hints Hosts On The Run can use to indicate that it’s time to leave. Some people just don’t get it, though, and these people require much stronger hints, like being told right out that it’s time to leave.

Signal 1: Bring the jackets into an area where they are easily accessible to your guest.
Signal 2: Offer to call them a taxi or ask if you can start their vehicle on a cold night. Usually you won’t have to go this far, as seeing others start to leave will tell the others they should follow suit.
Signal 3: Put them to work. Go ahead and ask them to help you clean up in the kitchen! One of two things will happen – either they will oblige, in which case you have an extra hand cleaning up, or they will push your pets out of the way to get to the door and dodge the dirty dishes.

But what if the guest has their car running, their jacket out and your kitchen is spotless? Well, this will be a very rare situation, but simply saying, “Well, I’m exhausted, I’m heading to bed” should do the trick. You’re still composed and graceful, and no one can ever accuse you of being a rude host. If you wake up and that person is on your couch, however, you may want to consider not inviting him to your next get-together.

Our six-part series is coming to a close, but we’ve still got two great “Guests Gone Bad” in store for you, including “The Can’t-Be-Wrong” and “The Destructo-Guest”, which we will explore in our next issues! You can read the previous blog posts by clicking the links below:

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