As hosts, we want people to drink and be merry. But when Mary drinks too much, the party can take a turn for the worse.  In this article, the third in our 6-part series entitled, “When Good Guests Go Bad”, we look at how to properly deal with “The Lush”.

Just like our previous two Good Guests Gone Bad articles (The No-Show and the Surprise-Show), a drunken guest situation can begin one of two ways.  Either Mary gets drunk and ends up with a lampshade on her head at most parties, or Mary rarely drinks too much, and her drunken stupor is a complete one-off. Either way, the situation must be handled with grace and composure.

First and foremost, make sure that alcohol is not easily accessible by guests. The kitchen is a good place to keep drink ingredients, as the kitchen is a “taboo” area by default. With the alcohol in the kitchen, you can keep an eye on who is drinking what. If you’re too busy, as most of us Hosts On The Run are, select a responsible bartender from your guests or, depending on your budget, hire a professional bartender to keep a drink in your guests’ hands without letting them get smashed.

Even the most organized, awesome Hosts On The Run can miss the start of a sousing. If this happens, try to nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand. Offer Mary some coffee and some bread or crackers to ward off drunkness, and slow down the frequency of her drink refills. Get side-tracked en route to the bar, and when you finally make it there, opt for more mixer, less booze.

If you realize too late that Mary has hit the sauce, there are a few things you can still do to diffuse the situation. Again, offer coffee and food to help her sober up, but make sure you offer the coffee and snacks to everyone, so it does not appear that you are singling her out. If Mary has come with friends or a spouse, get in league with them to help you keep Mary from embarrassing herself. Mary could be a fun drunk or a surly drunk – unless you’ve seen her in this situation before, it can be hard to tell. It’s best to keep the atmosphere fun and avoid controversial discussions, just in case.

Most importantly, make sure Mary does NOT drive home. Have her spouse or friends drive instead, call her a cab or employ a service like Keys Please, who will drive you in your car home from the party, avoiding the awkward “I need my car tomorrow” situation. If all else fails, let Mary spend the night. It’s better she, and everyone else who may cross her path, live through the night while she crashes on your couch.

In our next issue we’ll discuss another “Guest Gone Bad”, and that’s The Never-Ending Guest! Check out The No-Show and The Surprise Show, part 1 and 2 in our 6-part series ! Check out our adult mystery games here!

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