In addition to plotting murder, since having my son I’ve also become a little crafty – and even more so since joining Pinterest. I had fun doing 3 crafts for Valentine’s Day – 2 as a family and 1 by myself, as a surprise for my boys.

First we cut hearts, snipped tiny holes into the tops and bottoms and strung through twine so they would dangle. (See them hanging in the background of the picture below). Then, we started our second craft – stamping hearts out of a toilet paper roll. It worked so well we made 5 and them used them for their scrapbooks.

My 3-year-old stamping hearts on Valentines' Craft Day

Last year I turned an old purple (YES! Purple!) shelf I found in the garage of our rental into a chalk board message centre. So, I V-day’d up the chalk board and hung the hearts by tape underneath.

Hanging Hearts craft for Valentines' Day

Then, when the boys were out, I started phase 3 – paper fortune cookies and valentines. I made one for each of them and hung them from the end of the heart strings we made as a family earlier that day.

Close up of the hanging hearts Valentine's Craft

The top was a heart with each of their names, and below I made paper fortune cookies in the same paper – one for each of them. The fortune cookies took a bit of practice, and I ruined a few prototypes before getting the hang of it. Also, the instructions called for double-sided tape to be used to hold the ends together, but mine kept falling apart so I ended up having to glue them.

Heart Valentine and Fortune Cookie

Inside I hid a little Valentine’s love fortune for each of them.

Fortune Cookie Love Note

What does this have to do with murder mystery parties? Absolutely nothing! But you know what they say – all work and no play… I hope this inspires you!