Tissue Box Obstacle Course

Get the kids outside, playing, laughing and exercising – without them even knowing it! Using empty tissue boxes as shoes, the kids will complete a short obstacle course. The prize? That’s entirely up to YOUR imagination.

What you’ll need:

Empty tissue boxes (if you don’t have enough empty ones, combine half-full tissues into one box)

Toys for the obstacle course

Set up the obstacle course in advance. Make sure the items in the obstacle course are on ground level to prevent falls and injuries, as moving with tissue boxes on their feet can be tricky!

Have the kids go one at a time or together as a group. Either way, encourage each child to cheer the others on. Host an awards ceremony after the obstacle course for the fastest, most wily, best sport, loudest cheerer or anything else you can think of. Make the awards trophies from the dollar store or badges you can create with things from your craft store. You can also make the rewards intangible, like the winner getting to choose what’s for dinner.

Suggested items:

Hula Hoops (lay on the ground and have them run across them like traditional tire training course)

Bikes and tricycles – hilarity ensues as each tike manoevers their bike around cones or rocks with the boxes as shoes

Frisbees – have the kids run to one area, stop at a particular spot and throw a frisbee into a net or over a line before moving on

Sprinkler – if the weather is nice, add a sprinkler for them to jump through… at the end of course, as their “shoes” are going to get wet!

Really, the only limit to your obstacle course is your imagination! Find other items lying around the house and integrate them into your course!

Perfect for:

Fun and laughter
Getting Outdoors

BONUS: Make awards with your kids on the days leading up to the obstactle course event. Also, have each child design and decorate their own “shoes” in the days leading up to the obstacle course!

Enjoy your time outdoors with your children. If you really want to bond with them, get in on the action yourself! Activity is just as good for you as it is for your children – get that heart rate up and enjoy!

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