Mini Golf  “Tee” Party

Who doesn’t want to spend a beautiful summer day golfing? This backyard activity can accommodate any number of kids – perfect for some fun with your kids alone or to include their friends!

What you’ll need:

At least one putter

Hole cutter or tin cans

Golf Ball

Various obstacles

Set up a few “holes” in your yard.  You can use any number of things to create your golf course – a tin can on its side instead of a hole in the ground, for instance. Use your imagination when setting up different obstacles – some sand for a bunker, garden gnomes and hula hoops are excellent ideas of things you may already have lying around the house. If your yard isn’t completely flat, use the hills and bumps as natural obstacles. Have a swing set or play area in your yard? Build a hole around it! The only limit to what you can work into your “golf course” is your imagination.

It doesn’t have to be about winning and losing! Set up prizes for longest “drive”, best “bunker shot”, hole-in-one and most strokes used.

Perfect for:

Getting outdoors
Getting kids interested in a sport

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