I originally got this idea from a friend of mine and fellow business owner here in town. Since, we made our own little feature “art wall”, and I have been shocked to realize that it’s the one spot in our home that receives the most compliments!

Our living room is small and serves many purposes, so we decided to separate the areas with art. This “art wall” hangs above the toy box in my son’s small play area, and was so much fun to put together. We did one piece a week for six weeks.

Your art wall can contain as many pictures as you like. Hang them any way – in a neat line like we did, or a hodge-podge of creativity.


What you’ll need:

Canvas mounted on wood (for easy hanging)

Tempera finger paint in various colours (we were even able to find metalics!)




Ruler or Tape Measure


Finger paint with your kids on the canvas. Depending on the number of people in your family and how many pieces you want on your wall, you can have each person do one, including mom and dad, or let your kids do two or three each.

Allow the masterpieces to dry completely – about 3 hours. Once dry, hang on the wall of your choice!

Perfect for:

Highlighting individuality

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