Introducing Party Planning Saviours, the new mystery party podcast from Shot In The Dark Mysteries!

Party Planning Saviours is hosted by Leigh Clements, president and head writer of Shot In The Dark Mysteries, the premiere online provider of mystery-themed parties, events and do-it-yourself, downloadable mystery party kits.

Each week, Leigh provides insights and tips to anyone in need of a unique, fun and exciting theme for their next event. Shot In The Dark Mysteries’ games are ideal to jazz up birthday parties, ice breakers, corporate meet-ups or marketing events.  Leigh offers invaluable advice on how to ensure your next event is the one that guests talk about for years to come!

The first, introductory podcast, answering the question, “Just what the heck is a mystery party?” is online and ready to go – check it out today!

Party Planning Saviours Episode 1: What is a Mystery Party?