I had been listening to Lara Galloway’s Mom Biz Solutions podcast for over a year before I stumbled across the MomBiz Retreat 2011. While I couldn’t attend that year, I vowed I would be there for 2012.

I have had a number of start-ups, but have been working my real passion, Shot In The Dark Mysteries (designing murder mystery packages for hosts to throw their own unique, unforgettable party) full time for just over a year. All of my training, support and networking was done online, and honestly, when I looked at the itinerary of the weekend, I thought I had already covered a lot of the content that was planned. What I needed though, was some camaraderie, shared energy and to get around other women entrepreneurs. While it was my dream to work for myself, in the time I had been building my business full-time, I had rarely seen anyone other than my husband, 3 year old, newborn baby and my supportive, yet rather untalkative golden lab, Coburn.

It was with this desire to get around other mom entrepreneuresses that I left my family and my babe and went to the Mom Biz Retreat in Caledon. I was in for a wonderful, yet humbling surprise, as not only did I find the support and shared energy I so needed, in revisiting things like The Elevator Pitch, Business Plan and Time Map concepts – in a group of other amazing women – I was able to nail down concepts for not just one, but a number of things that had been evading me for years – things like my target market – which I thought I had all worked out!

It’s no exaggeration that the things I figured out for myself and my business at The MomBiz Retreat have changed my business, and effectively the lives of myself and my family, forever. What Shelagh and Lara gave me were truly tools. Often, when we attend seminars, we get all hyped up on energy, but a few days after the brazenness, courage and excitement we feel at the seminar ebb, and we’re left with a whole bunch of fluffy nothingness. And I’ll be honest with you, with all of the terrifying excitement I felt when I left on the Sunday and looked at the totally insane goals I set out while there, I actually had a few moments of thinking, “There’s no way I can accomplish all that! What was I thinking? Who do I think I am?”

But when the excitement wore off and the “Pixie Dust” from the retreat settled, I sat at my desk, looked at my Time Map and one thought came to mind – “OWN IT”!

Since the end of the weekend, I have not once felt the same loneliness I used to feel, because it wasn’t like Shelagh and Lara shook our hands and kicked us out the door. I have been in constant contact with Shelagh, Lara and the other amazing women I met at the retreat ever since, through the programs Shelagh and Lara have in place to help Mom Biz Owners.

I could ramble on for a really long time, because what I have written here doesn’t really even scratch the surface of how I feel about this amazing, empowering weekend and these two women who are following their passion and are changing lives in the process, so I’ll wrap up. If you have the opportunity to attend the Mom Biz Retreat in Chicago in 2013, or any of the other Mom Biz Retreats in the future, I highly recommend the experience, regardless of whether you are just getting started or have been in business for a while. Invest in yourself by attending the Mom Biz Retreat with Shelagh Cummins and Lara Galloway – “future you” will thank you for it.