iPhone + Chocolate = the way to my heart

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I HAVE an iPhone and I still want these chocolates! haha. The new iPhone chocolate box distracts us iPhone owners from our iPhones just long enough to eat some chocolate, and then return to our iPhones. It’s a tough life.

– Mystery Maiden

Next Generation Confectionary – introducing the ‘ichocolate’

Being the kind of girl who loves shiny things which make loud noises, I really want an iPhone. OK, so strictly speaking I don’t actually need one, but the more I hear about all the apps which are being released for this piece of decidedly fancy kit (like the one recently launched by my foodie-girl-crush Nigella Lawson), the more I start to lust after it.

However, until my mobile phone contract runs out and I can acquire the shiny mobile device of my dreams, I’m just going to have to make do with this pretty bloody amazing iPhone chocolate box from iChocolates. Managing to be both delicious AND dorky, this 20-piece gourmet chocolate assortment comes boxed in an iPhone-like package, complete with iPad app icons. Made from extra dark 100% cocoa butter chocolate, these beautifully designed little nuggets of heaven come in four different flavours (none of which are Apple) – ‘Fleur de Sel’ caramel, pure cocoa ganaches from Ecuador and Caribbean islands, coffee, crackling hazelnuts (‘pralin√© feuillantine’) and sweet almonds.

I don’t know about you, but I think that this wins hands down for being the tastiest looking app I’ve seen yet. Up yours Jamie Oliver! If you fancy indulging in some sweet sweet geekiness, it costs ¬£30.47 without shipping, and be ordered directly from iChocolate’s Etsy shop.