Welcome to the How to Host a Murder Mystery Party tutorial – also known as Mystery Party 101! Follow the links to learn about exactly what a mystery party game is, how you can host an instant-download mystery party yourself and just how easy it really is to throw a hilariously fun party that no one will ever forget!

The first question most people have is:

What exactly is a mystery party game?

Mystery games are downloadable party game kits that come in either a murder mystery or a non-murder mystery form. A host chooses a mystery game theme and then downloads the mystery kit instantly. From there the instructions for throwing a mystery party as well as the clues for the suspects are printed. The host or game facilitator simply follows the instructions and delivers the clues and introductions when prompted by the instructions in the mystery game kit and voilà! An instant, fun party activity that everyone will love.

So, how does it all work?

The host and the party guests take on roles as either a “suspect” or an “investigator”. Suspects are those who are under suspicion of the murder (or the theft, in the case of a non-murder mystery game), and investigators are those who question the suspects but are not playing a suspect themselves. The players then gather clues and information throughout the game, examine the evidence and try to find out who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit the crime.

Mini-Mystery party games take around an hour to play and regular mystery party games usually take around 2-3 hours, depending on how many suspects the mystery contains. Suspects use the information included with the game to answer questions about their background and secret motives, all the while trying to keep their secrets a secret and cast suspicion on the other suspects.

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