This is one of my favorite ideas for a holiday party! If you’re like me you might procrastinate your Christmas gift wrapping until the last minute. Christmas Eve usually consists of you, a glass of wine and a flurry of wrapping paper, ribbon and gifts. Days later you’re still finding Scotch tape in your hair and glitter on the tip of your nose.

But with a Christmas gift wrapping party, you can gather your friends and make something that may have become a chore fun again!

If you’re organized, you can send out invitations to your friends, inviting them to bring their gifts to your house to be wrapped together. It’s up to you whether you provide the wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and gift tags – you can have your guests bring their own paper, or ask everyone to bring a roll or two to put into a collective wrapping paper kitty, which everyone can draw upon as they see fit. Also consider providing other gift garnish, like candy canes, confetti and potporri.

You will also need a staging area. If you have a large dining room table, you’re set. Create a station for each of your guests with tape, ribbon, pens and, of course, Christmas treats to nibble on as they wrap.

Why not have everyone bring a small dish? A Christmas dessert potluck is a great way to keep the amount of baking you need to do for your party down. Unless, of course, baking cookies and other treats is one of the things you love about Christmas, in which case, go to town!

For drinks, you can serve almost anything: eggnog (rum optional), punch (vodka optional), daiquiris (rum optional) or martinis (alcohol NOT optional!).

This is a great time for everyone to share their Christmas traditions and get new ideas about things they can do for future holidays.  What better way to bond with friends while striking something off your to-do list? Just make sure you put the scissors away before the fourth martini.

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