Generation Seven
Red – 2009
VQA Niagra-On-The-Lake

Generation Seven Red

The story of Generation Seven wines and The Bosc Family is truly special. Seven generations of their family have made wine in Europe, Africa and North America. But this line of wine from Chateau Des Charmes is about much more than rich history. They also believe it is their responsibility to consider the next seven generations. They practice sustainability in every aspect of their wine creation, from using thinner, lighter bottles and recyclable paper from an FSC certified mill to filtering and re-purposing the water used to clean the barrels for watering the grass and plants around the winery. Generation Seven also gives back, donating 50 cents from the sale of each bottle to charity.

Okay, so the Bosc family are sustainability-focused, philanthropic superstars, but how is the wine? If you’ll pardon the pun, it’s to DIE for. The fruity scent threw me off-track like a well-placed red herring; my first sip was full of refreshing floral, and then, to my surprise, spice! It finished smooth though, like a soft, deep arm chair, coaxing me toward relaxation.

While you’ll want to keep a bottle of Generation Seven Red on-hand for your end-of-day Me Time, it’s also a great sipping wine for a cocktail party, or, if you will, an interactive murder mystery party. Generation Seven Red won’t leave you scrambling to fix your breath before leaning in for an intimate conversation or hushed interrogation.

Pair it with:

The Getty Affair. The rich family history pairs well with the layered mystery spanning generations in the twisting plot of this murder mystery set in a mansion and starring a truly dysfunctional family.

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