Right, so we choose not to offer an app for a number of reasons. First, we are big advocates for bringing people together face-to-face to spend time with their friends and family, to meet new people and to have an in-person experience without technology – such a thing is so incredibly rare these days it’s becoming obsolete. In fact, for many of our repeat clients whose mysteries are regular events with their friends and family, cell phones have to go in a basket at the door, and will continue to support the idea of connecting with people live and in-person until the day the planet is taken over by Cyber-men.

Second, most of our mysteries occur in by-gone eras. Really, can you be a flapper in a speakeasy or a sultry singer in a smoky jazz bar in the 1950s while… staring at your phone?! And how quickly will your guests be pulled from the experience by a Facebook notification or a ding about the latest Donald Trump tweet?
Now, having said that, if you prefer to have a tech-friendly party, you don’t need some fancy app from us. The same suspect guide that you send out to your guests pre-party can be viewed on any smartphone or device. Easy!