*This adventure is by exclusive invitation only. If you have stumbled upon this without an invitation, please message us to know the dates of our upcoming public events*

Join us, April 27-30 in Georgia for a getaway filled with treasure, mutiny… and murder!

We begin our adventure in St Mary’s, Georgia, where we will spend an evening on the mainland at the inn. The next day we set sail, only to find ourselves marooned on Cumberland Island! Find supplies, set up camp and get ready to hunt for both treasure and the killer in our midst!

Spend the day exploring, cracking clues and discovering treasures, and the evening questioning your fellow pirates to discover who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit mutinous murder!

The next morning, head back to St Mary’s for another night at the inn and an evening in the tavern before packing up your loot and heading home.

There is only space for 20 pirates on this crew, so reserve your spot below today! *Full Itinerary Coming Soon*

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