Murder at the Winery, Murder Mystery Game

Shot In The Dark Mysteries invites you to an online murder mystery investigation!

Join us virtually at the Girato nel Buio Winery for an exclusive tasting! On the eve of the launch of the winery’s exclusive limited edition vintage, Organo, Girato nel Buio has opened their doors for a private tasting.

This is the third year that Girato nel Buio has released Organo, a limited edition vintage that has, in the past, been met with mixed reviews. But as the prestigious guests and winery staff await the beginning of the tasting, a man is found dead in the cellars! Who killed him? Why? There are many secrets to uncover as you solve the Murder at the Winery!

This virtual murder mystery will be hosted by Shot In The Dark Mysteries on Zoom and a limited number of tickets are available!

Buy your ticket to reserve your spot and let us know if you’re interested in playing a suspect or a sleuth!

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