Exclusive to Shot In The Dark Mysteries, “Angel Ratings” are a quick and easy way to determine, at-a-glance, what type of content your mystery may contain. In keeping with our commitment to our hosts, Angel Ratings have been assigned to each of our mysteries to allow you to get a feel for the content, so you can purchase with confidence.

In the top right-hand corner of each mystery selection page you will see an angel with a number on its outfit. These ratings are always out of five, with five being a squeaky-clean mystery and one being… well…. completely the opposite.

Keep in mind though, that regardless of the Angel Rating, our mysteries NEVER contain profanity, and our mature themes are always handled with class and tact. Your materials will never advise you or your guests to use foul language (if, however, your guests choose to add some “colour” to the information they’re provided… well, that’s entirely up to them). The same rule stands for participants being required to perform lewd gestures or make innuendos, subtle or otherwise – we just don’t do it. Read on for an overview of our Angel Rating system!

5 Angels: A perfectly clean mystery! This mystery will be free of murder, sex, drugs, adultery, etc. Guests can investigate without stumbling across something they will have to cross themselves for later. All ages.

4 Angels: The plot is murder, but is free of all references to drugs and sex. All audiences.

3 Angels: The plot may include references to drugs or affairs, but is handled with tact. This mystery will contain nothing more offensive than you could expect from your CSI program of choice.

2 Angels: Not appropriate for children and some adults. References can include drugs, sex, affairs/adultery etc.

1 Angel: No holds barred – could contain references to drugs, sex, affairs or other content not appropriate for all members of the family. Strictly adults only!

We are always happy to discuss our mysteries with our hosts, so if you are curious about the reasons a particular mystery has earned its Angel Rating, simply get in touch and we can discuss the themes without spoilers.