What’s all this Mini Mysteries mania about?

Okay, you’ve probably seen or heard about it somewhere on the internet recently – whether it’s being buzzed about by mystery fans on Twitter or mentioned in games ezines, there has been a lot of talk about Shot In The Dark Mysteries‘ latest line of mysteries, called Mini Mysteries.

What are Mini Mysteries?

Mini Mysteries are the first of their kind ANYWHERE in the murder mystery game industry. They are shorter games, designed to be played in under an hour with a cast of suspects, who are interrogated by an infinite number of participants. So whether you’re looking for a quick game to play at a home party, are planning a corporate team building mystery event or an icebreaker game, Mini Mysteries are what you need.

What Makes Mini Mysteries so Different?

Most murder mystery games out there, including the regular “interactive” games from Shot In The Dark Mysteries, take hours to play. Some other companies deal exclusively with “interrogation-based” games with a cast of characters, but they are designed for large groups only, or require people to become “actors”. In sticking with Shot In The Dark Mysteries’ commitment to offer quick and easy games that keep guests raving for years to come, no memorization is required and the host has minimal mystery planning responsibilities.

As always, the game kits come with free optional audio introduction and confession, in our new visually stunning format.

Mini Mysteries will officially launch on February 10th – JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY with 3 exciting mystery games:

A Medieval Murder

Le Chat Noir (family-friendly, non-murder)

Cupid’s Arrow

A HEARTBREAKING Valentine’s-themed murder mystery. You can pre-order your game and get more information by emailing me at mysterymaiden@shotinthedarkmysteries.com or mark your calendar and come back to our site on February 10th, 2010 for the grand launch of Mini Mysteries!