What are you doing for Earth Hour?

Next weekend is Earth Hour (March 27th between 8:30-9:30 pm), and I hope you participate in this amazing chance for the world to unite and let their voices be heard. If you don’t know what Earth Hour is, it’s a WWF-organized event that spans the globe. For one full hour, participants from all over turn off their lights to impact our earth in the most incredible way.

We at Shot In The Dark Mysteries LOVE Earth Hour. We have participated since the very start. We’re awfully green over here, and have been implementing a program to plant a tree for each game that is purchased, to off-set the paper used and make a difference in a small but important way. It was only natural for us this year to launch The Earth Hour Murder, a Mini-Mystery Earth Hour party game designed to be played in – you guessed it – an hour. Not only that, the game is also designed so that it’s not necessary for sleuths to keep notes – because, you know… it will be dark and all.

So check out the newest addition to our Mini-Mystery party game line up:
The Earth Hour Murder. Get your copy of the game and play it at your own Earth Hour party – it can be played by as little as five people, with no maximum! Plus, we’ll plant a tree in your name, and even send you a note when the tree has been planted to let you know where and when it hits the soil!


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