In the county of Lichenshire there are two evil forces at work. For centuries the area has been home to a pack of werewolves, who consider the area sacred and never hunt within its borders. Lichenshire is also home to a large coven of vampires, who have lived in the area for decades. After years vicious warring over the territory, the two factions have managed to coexist under a truce. The truce is sacred – neither vampire nor werewolf dare endanger the pact, and the boundary line between their lands acts as a no man’s land.

While the two factions hate one another, they manage to live in peace. That is, until the word arrives that a dangerous monstrosity is coming – a vampire-werewolf hybrid! Such a creature would only be created for one reason: to be used as a weapon! Who is behind the evil plot? Vampires will once again be pitted against werewolves to determine the truth – before it’s too late for them all!

This mystery has murder and is rated 4/5 on the “clean” scale. While there is the mention of a relationship and discussion of events that could be viewed as gorey, there is absolutely no mention of sex or drugs and, as with all of our mysteries, no foul language.

Average playtime is 2-3 hours

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Features Include:

  • Interactive “Mingle” format that gets your guests sleuthing to solve the mystery
  • Our trademark, un-boring game materials
  • Facilitator guide with full instructions on how to play and tips to help you prepare for your party
  • Individual guides for each suspect with full instructions on how to play and their motives
  • Character Complexity Rating (to help hosts better assign characters to their guests)
  • Optional Audio Introduction and final “Big Reveal” mystery solution
  • Accusation Forms
  • Invitations
  • Name tags
  • Access to the PLAY! site to send your guests to – view the trailer, suspects and more!