The Santa Strangling re-launches with a New Look and Attitude!

As part of our Christmas in July theme, we have been focusing on revamping our old Christmas games and re-launching them to be in line with our new, visually stunning game materials format. The Santa Strangling was the first game to re-launch during Christmas in July, and it made its grand re-appearnce yesterday!

So, what’s so different about the new Santa Strangling murder mystery game? Many things, actually.

First, it comes fully designed with stunning theme pictures. The clues are fun and decorative!

Next comes the audio files. All of our regular, full-sized mysteries now come with optional, professionally produced mp3 audio files to start of each “Chapter”, the game and deliver the solution “Confession” at the end of the mystery.

The Santa Strangling, as with all of our new games, also now contains Accusation Forms. Have your guests fill them out and cast their accusation against the killer!

The Santa Strangling used to be a turn-based murder mystery game, but we have “tweaked” it so it is now an interactive game. What does that mean? It means that you can have a minimum of 9 people playing, but there is no maximum, as each “suspect” can now be interrogated by anyone, even those who aren’t playing a character.

Lastly, The Santa Strangling contains Super Secrets, which are guaranteed to get your guests mixing and mingling, sharing secrets and dishing gossip about the other characters to further the mystery.

Come help us celebrate Christmas in July and pick yourself up a copy of the brand-spanking newly re-designed murder mystery game, The Santa Strangling, for your Christmas in July party, or if you’re already thinking ahead to a Christmas night of mystery!

Next to feature for Christmas in July: The Christmas Party Prankster kid’s mystery party game, formerly The Christmas Crankster!