The CRAVE Toronto Launch Party Suspects are final!

This Wednesday, May 5th, is the launch party for CRAVE Toronto, a book that features “the most unique and stylish guidebook for city living. It is a celebration of women entreprenesses that showcases some of the most creative, interesting, and gutsy proprietors throughout our city” (from the CRAVE Toronto site).

The Urban Girl's Manifesto - CRAVE Toronto

The Urban Girl’s Manifesto – CRAVE Toronto

During the launch party, we volunteered to put on a very small murder mystery game, which would not only highlight what we do (just a taste, because the evening is, after all, about the book and the women featured therein), but also bring attention to some of the other fabulous women entrepreneurs we have the honour of being featured with in this innovative, not to mention beautifully laid-out book.

After an incredibly overwhelming response to my call for suspects, I had to wade through emails and phone calls and come to a decision on which women and businesses would be our suspects for the evening. It’s my pleasure to introduce them to you!

Irina Fortey – Irina Photography She has an heir of innocence, but don’t be fooled – she’s got a mischievous smile, and could be hiding something!

Kingi Carpenter – Peach Berserk Designer, Entrepreneur, Murderess? You put together the clues and be the judge!

Patricia Figueira – Cre8ive Invitations Ignite Excitement – or a murderous rampage?

Ariane Griffiths – Foundation Studio – Marketing, Media, and Murder?

Karen Donaldson – Panache Life Inc – The Impossible is their reality – but where does murder fit in?

How the interactive mystery will work:

Shot In The Dark Mysteries is demo-ing a whole new type of interactive mystery at the CRAVE Toronto launch party.  With this type of mystery, participants can be as involved as they like. Sleuthing will begin at the Shot In The Dark Mysteries table, where “investigators” will learn of the murder and get their first clue. From there they will have to gather clues from the suspects and use everything they have learned to cast their accusation against one of our five suspect entrepreneurs. With an accusation ballot cast, investigators are entered in a draw for some fantastic prizes supplied by other CRAVE entrepreneurs!

The mystery should take about 30 minutes to solve, and gives our entrepreneurs the chance to highlight their company, business and representatives in an unforgettable way.

If you’re heading to the CRAVE Toronto book launch party this Wednesday, May 5th, make sure you bring your sleuthing skills!