The Company Christmas Party Murder – Mini Mystery

Long lay the world in sin and error pining…


A 6 character murder mystery party game, can accommodate any number of players over six. Average playtime is 1-1.5 hours.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – a time of snow falling, twinkling lights and the excitement of Santa’s big arrival on Christmas day. It’s also the time for entertaining, and everyone in the company has gathered to celebrate the season. The festivities begin with a bang – the announcement of a murder! David Reese, a freelance consultant for the company, is found dead in the hallway! The celebration quickly turns into an interrogation as suspects are identified. Amidst eggnog and festive cheer, it’s up to everyone in the company to learn who killed David Reese and why!

Features Include:

- 6 Suspects (3 Male, 3 Female)

- Interactive “Mingle” format that gets your guests sleuthing to solve the mystery

- Mini Mystery, designed to be played in about an hour

- Our trademark, un-boring game materials

- Costume Casual

- Host guide with full instructions on how to play and tips to help you prepare for your party

- Individual guides for each suspect with full instructions on how to play and their motives

- Character Complexity Rating (to help hosts better assign characters to their guests)

- Accusation Forms

- Invitations

- Name tags

- Access to the PLAY! site to send your guests to – view the trailer, suspects and more!

The Company Christmas Party Murder Mini Mystery - price: $19.97


Optional Suspect Expansion Pack

Suspect Gender Buttons Optional Suspects

Have ONE or TWO of guests who aren’t quite sure if they’re going to make it? Add on our 2 Character Optional Suspect Expansion Pack and set your mind at ease. If they don’t show up, no sweat! And if they do, they get to be as involved as everyone else. Please note: There are only TWO optional suspects (one male, one female) per mystery. If you’re dying to know WHY, just CLICK HERE. If you need a different number of characters or gender mix than what you see here, please CONTACT US, we’re here to help you throw the party YOU want!

The Company Christmas Party Murder 2 Optional Suspects Expansion Pack - price: $4.97


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