Earth Day 2010 – How about a mystery?

Earth day is fast approaching – in fact, it’s this coming Thursday. And while people worldwide will be celebrating Earth Day in various parties, celebrations, fundraisers and eco-initiatives, chances are most of us will spend the day as we always do – another Thursday – one day until TGIF!

Truth is, you don’t have to be a hero and arrange a big event to make a difference. In fact, making a difference and doing something for the environment could be as easy as print and play!

As many of you know, we launched The Earth Hour Mystery last month for Earth Hour. This game was supposed to be launched Redux as Murder In The Dark for general release, just in time for Earth Day 2010. Unfortunately, through a horrible twist of fate, I lost every design and game file I have ever created the other day, so the launch of the redux version will be delayed (if you are a computer genius and/or can tell me how to recover an item the computer purged from the recycle bin, please email me at!!). But that doesn’t mean you can’t still play, because it’s the SAME NAME, DIFFERENT GAME!

A game designed with Earth Hour and Earth Day in mind - playable in the dark!

A game designed with Earth Hour and Earth Day in mind – playable in the dark!

The Earth Hour Mystery is a mini-mystery that can be played in an hour – IN THE DARK. But it’s not just The Earth Hour Mystery (AKA Murder In The Dark) that will benefit our earth. Anytime you purchase a Shot In The Dark Mysteries game, we plant a tree in your name.  But we’ll talk a bit more about that tomorrow!

So, why not gather a few friends and play The Earth Hour Murder this Thursday evening? It’s $19.97 and comes as an instant download, is easy to play and doesn’t require costumes or anything fancy… you can, in all honesty, be playing the game within five minutes. Doing your part for our environment this Earth Day doesn’t have to be hard – it can be as easy as downloading and printing a murder mystery game!