The Art of Party Hosting

Your Party Tip: Guests ask “What should I wear?”

As we enter the official "Entertaining Season", our guests will begin to find themselves bouncing from party to party, some casual and some more dressy, and the two most common questions we receive as hosts are "What should I bring?" and "What should I wear?" The former we discussed last week, now we will discuss [...]

Your Party Tip: Guests ask “What can I bring?”

There are two questions that we as hosts receive when a guest accepts an RSVP: "What can I bring?" and "What should I wear?" Let's talk about the first question today! But first, let's talk about psychology. WHAT? Yes, psychology plays a huge part in entertaining, as the best hosts realize. There are a lot [...]

Your Party Tip: Costumes for the Costume-Reluctant

With Halloween entertaining (or any party with a theme, for that matter), we will always have a few reluctant people on our guest list - those reluctant to get dressed up. Some feel foolish doing so, but they attend the party anyhow. There are others who aren't sure what to wear, and when they arrive [...]

Your QUICK Party Tip: Flowers in season for Fall Entertaining

Flowers are the prettiest and easiest way to decorate for your event or party, but they can be expensive! Shop the flowers that are in season and add a bit of classy decor to your autumn party, regardless of the theme or reason! Lily Calla Lily (my personal favourite!) Dahlias Gerbera (get it in orange [...]

Party Tip: Hosts – Keep your cool! (And your guests’ cool too)

One of the trickiest parts of entertaining in the cooler months is maintaining the temperature of your home or venue to keep everyone comfortable. As the weather turns, we begin dressing lighter, so your guests will come dressed slightly on the warm side to begin with. As we prepare for our party, we keep the [...]